The kCook Multi Smart (KMS) does all the work for you, giving you a range of recipes right at your fingertips. The ideal way to spend a spring afternoon is by hosting a Sunday session with your family and friends.

The KMS is known for its savoury skills in the kitchen, but what you might not know is that it also has the ability to create sweet treats, desserts and delicious drinks. Impress your guests with the KMS by trying our classic Strawberry Daiquiri. Whip up this tasty tipple in 10 minutes with 10 easy steps.

The KMS Strawberry Daiquiri

Ingredients (serves four)
- 250g hulled strawberries
- 100g frozen strawberries
- 200g ice
- 160g white rum
- 70g lime juice
- 2tbsp granulated sugar

1. Fit the max blade to the kCook bowl
2. Place the kCook bowl on the scale
3. Add 250g of hulled strawberries
4. Add 100g of frozen strawberries
5. Add 200g of ice
6. Add 160g of white rum
7. Add 70g of lime juice
8. Add 2tbsp granulated sugar
9. Fit kCook bowl to kCook Multi and attach kCook bowl with filler cap fitted
10. Blend for 50 seconds
11. Serve

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Spring baking tips and tricks

Like us, Bridie loves spring as it is the time for desserts to blossom with light and bright designs, and delicious flavours. She uses her trusted Kenwood Chef XL Titanium to help her create her delectable desserts and has shared her key tips to get you through the spring baking season.

Light and fluffy cakes are perfect for spring, to nail an even consistency, Bridie uses the Kenwood Chef XL Titanium Creaming Beater to whip the butter for the cake mixture. The wings work around the sides of the bowl unlike that of other stand mixer bowl tools. It works wonders on delicate mixtures, creating an airy foundation for your mixture.

Lemon meringue is a popular flavour of choice in spring. Bridie heats her egg whites and sugar to 71ºC to ensure the meringue is pasteurised and well combined. A trick she suggests is to double boil the mixture. Use your Kenwood Chef XL Titanium to combine the mixture, then place the Titanium bowl over the top of a pot of simmering water for a few minutes to heat the meringue. You can then place your Titanium bowl back on your stand mixer and use the Balloon Whisk to whisk the meringue.

Another filling Bridie loves to create in spring is berry compote. Consistency is key and a syrupy compote runs the risk of leaking out of your cake layers. To avoid this and keep your layers' stable, pipe a buttercream 'dam' between your cakes to keep the filling where it needs to be.

Flowers are Bridie's favourite seasonal decoration. If you want to try something different to buying edible flowers, she suggests growing your own organic flowers such as violas, marigolds and dianthus. These flowers look stunning on a cake, and can be eaten and enjoyed.

She also states the bigger the blossom, the better! Big blossoms are great additions to cake decorations, however, they must be prepared correctly. Ensure you wash your fresh flowers and free them of dirt and bugs. Never insert the stem directly into the cake, and use florist wire or tape to seal the stem before adding to your cake. You can also dip the flower stem in food-safe sealing wax to stop contamination.

Use this spring to get creative with your cake decorating, and make sure you check out Bridie's Instagram for further inspiration.

As Bridie says, "make sure you bake up a storm!"

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Kick start your meal prep

As we get closer to summer, it is time to spring clean our bodies and what better way to do this than by using our new Blend Xtract attachment. Fitting the high-speed outlet of the Chef Range kitchen machines, this pocket rocket allows you to simply enjoy delicious smoothies and juices, just the way you like them.

This easy-to-use attachment safely interlocks to your kitchen machine, is accompanied by stainless steel blades and 2x 600ml Smoothie Goblets with easy flip lids, allowing you to create multiple healthy beverages one after the other (as well as the odd cheeky milkshake if you need to satiate your sweet tooth).

Whilst you are on the healthy living train in preparation for summer, you can also use the Spiralizer attachment to create a range of recipes that are both nutritious and scrumptiously delicious! You can devour your recommended intake of five vegetables a day by enjoying them as voluminous ribbons of delight.

Zucchini pasta or noodles are just some of the ways to mix up the usual suspects in your kitchen. The recipe potentials here are endless and you can enjoy it all whilst avoiding the guilt that follows original carby dinnertime favourites.

Try Anna Polyviou’s Cheese and Zucchini Souffle recipe.

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Crap housewife Jess Rowe tames kitchen chaos with her KMS

Crap Housewife Jess Rowe and ambassador of the new KMS shares how she has mastered her cooking misadventures with her new kitchen device – giving time back to herself.
Read more on Crap Housewife

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Introducing the Kenwood Multi Smart

The KMS is here to take care of all of your cooking needs, making homemade meals easier so you have time for the more important things in life; spending time with your family and friends or having the time to treat yourself.

The Kenwood Multi Smart is the total beginning-to-end meal solution – delivering assistance from meal preparation all the way through to cooking and cleaning. You can control the KMS from your phone, as it works in harmony with six pre-set functions to make the most out of meal times. These programmes enable you to create main meals and sauces, to steam and stir-fry, as well as make desserts. KMS ambassador Jessica Rowe (a self-proclaimed 'crap housewife') uses the KMS to synchronize meal times with her family and works in tandem with the KMS to create a range of meals fit for all occasions. 

The KMS fits comfortably on your bench top and using the app you can choose from over 500 recipes and can even filter food type, meals, occasions, total time, diet type and difficulty.

The machine also comes with the Drop Scales connected to the app that gives you full control of each step and correctly weighs out each ingredient. As the Drop Scales weigh your ingredients you can use the Direct Prep attachment to slice, grate, and prepare your ingredients directly into the KMS bowl.

We want to ensure that deliciously nutritious meals are cooked with ease and flavour, and to be accessible to all Aussie families, no matter the skill set in the kitchen.

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