Savoury Crêpes

Ah crêpes. We all have our favourite combination, but so often we think of the treat simply as a dessert. In these warmer spring months, crêpes can act as a delicious alternative to a light, savoury meal or snack. Here are some of our favourite fillings:

The Mexican
The crêpe enchilada recipe is a great mix drawing flavours from France and Mexico. To make, fill the crêpe with minced beef mixed with onion, garlic, chili powder, cumin and coriander. Get creative with the toppings – our go-tos are jalapeños, shredded cheese, olives and guacamole.

The Guilty Pleasure
Fold each crêpe in half and add ham and your favourite cheese (Gruyère anyone?). Then fold the crêpe again and heat in the oven on a baking sheet until the cheese is nicely melted and golden. Serve the crêpes with hollandaise sauce, chopped herbs, roasted mushrooms and salt and pepper.

The Greenie
When baking the crêpes, add minced spinach for extra vitamins and a green colour. The filling can include whatever you desire, but one of our favourites is broccolini and chicken with a creamy sauce made of egg, mascarpone cheese, parmesan cheese, garlic, salt and pepper.

Hot tip: If you happen to have the Kenwood kCook Multi Smart or a Kenwood Kitchen Machine at home, they can do the hard work of whipping the crêpes batter or chopping the fillings.

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K for Kenwood

Cooking is as much about self-expression and creativity as it is about feeding people, which is why we brought together our much-loved Kenwood family to bring our new Kenwood colours to life.

Letter cakes are one of the biggest trends in the baking community this year. We saw this as the perfect fit to celebrate Kenwood’s new brand ID, so we invited our Kenwood community to the ultimate letter cake bake-off and photo shoot. The participating influencers were BakedByErica, Rae Edible Love, Charlotte Ree, Petite Dessert, Sunny Bakehouse, Bridiebakes, The Lebanese Plate and Eat Cake Melb.

Top chef Anna Polyviou hosted the day showcasing her top tips, tricks and techniques for cake decorating using different Kenwood Kitchen Machine attachments. Each influencer was given a letter to design from 'Kenwood' and had to incorporate the colours from our new brand ID using their imagination, skills and the techniques learnt from Anna.

Our new brand ID includes vibrant, food-inspired colours that permeate friendliness and warmth with tones of orange, violet and green. We are always seeking to inspire, encourage and build confidence while giving our consumers exactly what they want – and what better way to showcase this than through flying our new Kenwood colours with delicious and trendy letter cakes.

Anna Polyviou was also joined by photographer William Meppem and his wife, stylist Hannah Meppem, who added their own tips on the day for making our Kenwood cakes look their very best.

Stay tuned for the beautiful cakes and our wonderful new brand look-and-feel on our social channels: @kenwood_au / @KenwoodAustralia

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Introducing our Chef XL Sense Special Edition

Our Kenwood Chef XL Sense Special Edition combines all of the features of the Chef XL Sense mixer you know and love, and ramps it up with a sleek new finish – fusing state-of-the-art design with Kenwood's trusted functionality.

While developing the Special Edition series we took on board your feedback and focused on marrying unparalleled performance with sleek design. This series is a must have for the design-savvy homeowner.

The Chef XL Sense is seen as one of the best stand mixers in the market for its ability to work in tandem with every cook, from an entry level to the more advanced. With a powerful Multi drive motor, variable speeds, a 6.7 litre bowl, and a vast range of attachments available, the Chef XL Sense will take care of all of your kitchen's needs as it joins you on your food journey.

Available in Zinc, Ivory and Violet, this colour range will be a stylish addition to your kitchen counter. We were inspired by this year's pantone colour ultra violet; known for encouraging experimentation and imagination, a natural fit to spark your next cooking adventures.

Chef XL Sense Special Edition Zinc KQL6200Z
Chef XL Sense Special Edition Ivory KQL6200I
Chef XL Sense Special Edition Violet KQL6200V

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Spring baking tips and tricks

Like us, Bridie loves spring as it is the time for desserts to blossom with light and bright designs, and delicious flavours. She uses her trusted Kenwood Chef XL Titanium to help her create her delectable desserts and has shared her key tips to get you through the spring baking season.

Light and fluffy cakes are perfect for spring, to nail an even consistency, Bridie uses the Kenwood Chef XL Titanium Creaming Beater to whip the butter for the cake mixture. The wings work around the sides of the bowl unlike that of other stand mixer bowl tools. It works wonders on delicate mixtures, creating an airy foundation for your mixture.

Lemon meringue is a popular flavour of choice in spring. Bridie heats her egg whites and sugar to 71ºC to ensure the meringue is pasteurised and well combined. A trick she suggests is to double boil the mixture. Use your Kenwood Chef XL Titanium to combine the mixture, then place the Titanium bowl over the top of a pot of simmering water for a few minutes to heat the meringue. You can then place your Titanium bowl back on your stand mixer and use the Balloon Whisk to whisk the meringue.

Another filling Bridie loves to create in spring is berry compote. Consistency is key and a syrupy compote runs the risk of leaking out of your cake layers. To avoid this and keep your layers' stable, pipe a buttercream 'dam' between your cakes to keep the filling where it needs to be.

Flowers are Bridie's favourite seasonal decoration. If you want to try something different to buying edible flowers, she suggests growing your own organic flowers such as violas, marigolds and dianthus. These flowers look stunning on a cake, and can be eaten and enjoyed.

She also states the bigger the blossom, the better! Big blossoms are great additions to cake decorations, however, they must be prepared correctly. Ensure you wash your fresh flowers and free them of dirt and bugs. Never insert the stem directly into the cake, and use florist wire or tape to seal the stem before adding to your cake. You can also dip the flower stem in food-safe sealing wax to stop contamination.

Use this spring to get creative with your cake decorating, and make sure you check out Bridie's Instagram for further inspiration.

As Bridie says, "make sure you bake up a storm!"

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The kCook Multi Smart (KMS) does all the work for you, giving you a range of recipes right at your fingertips. The ideal way to spend a spring afternoon is by hosting a Sunday session with your family and friends.

The KMS is known for its savoury skills in the kitchen, but what you might not know is that it also has the ability to create sweet treats, desserts and delicious drinks. Impress your guests with the KMS by trying our classic Strawberry Daiquiri. Whip up this tasty tipple in 10 minutes with 10 easy steps.

The KMS Strawberry Daiquiri

Ingredients (serves four)
- 250g hulled strawberries
- 100g frozen strawberries
- 200g ice
- 160g white rum
- 70g lime juice
- 2tbsp granulated sugar

1. Fit the max blade to the kCook bowl
2. Place the kCook bowl on the scale
3. Add 250g of hulled strawberries
4. Add 100g of frozen strawberries
5. Add 200g of ice
6. Add 160g of white rum
7. Add 70g of lime juice
8. Add 2tbsp granulated sugar
9. Fit kCook bowl to kCook Multi and attach kCook bowl with filler cap fitted
10. Blend for 50 seconds
11. Serve

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