Our new pasta attachments

With over 80 years of experience and knowledge, Kenwood products represent premium design, functionality and technical innovation. Kenwood has just launched a new range of high-quality pasta attachments, made within the province of Padua, Italy – heart and homeland of authentic pasta.

Explore your creativity and make all your pasta dreams come true with our range of Pasta Attachments: lasagne, fettuccine, tagliolini, trenette and spaghetti. Selling for $199.00 separately, or from March 30th, purchase selected Kenwood machines to receive one (or more!) as a gift.*

*Terms and conditions apply. Offer ends May 14, 2018.

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Explore the range of opportunities

With over 20+ Attachments in the Kenwood Chef range, there are endless opportunities to get creative. Here are our suggestions for getting the most out of your attachments.

Pasta Roller

Sweet: Use to achieve a smooth fondant icing, ideal for these marbled fondant cookies.

Savoury: Get creative and make these home-made crackers – the perfect addition to any cheese platter.

Food Processor

Sweet: Use to quickly chop up a variety of fruits for baking (try this this apple and blackberry crumble), fresh fruit salads or granitas.

Savoury: Easily create homemade dips, such as pesto, using fresh ingredients.

ThermoResist Glass Blender

Sweet: Great for a cocktail or smoothies – banana smoothies anyone?

Savoury: ThermoResist materials allow you to blend hot, cooked veggies to make fresh and delicious meals, such as this butternut squash soup.


Sweet: Spiralize fruit to jazz up your fruit tarts or try this carrot flapjack recipe.

Savoury: Make these guilt-free spiralized vegetable quiches, perfect for healthy family picnics.

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Nourish your creativity

People are becoming increasingly more conscious eaters. They want to know where their food comes from and it's nutritional value. As a result, we see people incorporating more fruits and veggies into their diets as well as restaurants including far more vegan or vegetarian options on their menus.

Delicious recently published an article reporting that more than 2 million Australians are now vegan. Interestingly, the article also comments that "data from Google Trends shows that Australians are more interested in learning about a vegan diet, than they are about vegetarian."

Whether you're considering permanently adopting a plant-based diet or not, Rainbow Nourishments has created a gorgeous recipe of summery soba noodles that will knock you off your feet as both a satisfying and nutritious meal. Trust us, it's delicious.

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